Vasectomy Reversal

A vasectomy reversal is performed to reconnect the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles into semen so that sperm are again present. The ability to conceive children following a vasectomy reversal varies from person to person.

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When Procedure is Used

Vasectomy reversals are done for a variety of reasons, but they are usually performed because couples have changed their minds about having children or if a man marries someone with whom he would like to have children.

During Surgery

Vasectomy reversals can be performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will then use loupes to magnify the vas deferens, which are the tiny tubes that transport sperm from the testicles into semen. The vas deferens are particularly small, so a vasectomy reversal is a much more complicated procedure than an initial vasectomy. The surgeon will make small incisions in your scrotum to locate the vas deferens. In order to determine how best to reverse your vasectomy, your surgeon will then cut open the vas deferens to check for sperm. If sperm are present, the ends of the vas deferens can be reconnected. If there are no sperm present, one end of the vas deferens can be connected directly to the back of the testicle.


The risk of complications is very low, however, potential risks might include:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • chronic pain


  • successful restoration of sperm to the semen

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