We Are Committed to Honoring Your Patient Rights

Yellowstone Surgery Center believes that every patient in our care should be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. We recognize that all patients have basic rights, and we are committed to honoring these rights. Likewise, Yellowstone Surgery Center has a right to expect reasonable and responsible behavior from patients, and their relatives and friends. Read a summary of rights and responsibilities that serves as a foundation for a good relationship between patients and caregivers.

Reporting Grievances

Yellowstone Surgery Center Quality Control
Phone: (406) 237-5900


Montana State Agency for Patient Complaints Bureau Chief
Department of Public Health & Human Services Quality Assurance Division P.O. Box 202953, Helena, MT 59620-2953

Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman

Your Responsibilities

As a patient, you are responsible for:

  • Providing, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about your current health status and past medical history, and reporting any unexpected changes to the appropriate care provider(s).
  • Following the treatment plan recommended by the primary physician or practitioner handling your case.
  • Making arrangements for a responsible adult to transport you home after your procedure and to care for you at home for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Indicating whether you clearly understand a contemplated course of action and what is expected of you.
  • Your actions if you refuse treatment, leave our surgery center against the advice of your physician, or do not follow your physician’s instructions regarding your case.
  • Assuring that the financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled as expediently as possible.
  • Providing information about and/or copies of any living will, power of attorney or other directives that you desire us to know about.

Missed Appointments

If you are unable to make your appointment as scheduled, please contact our office promptly. This appointment time will be rescheduled for patients requiring our services.

In the event an appointment is missed, and no attempt was made to cancel the appointment in advance, we reserve the right to charge a $50 fee. These fees are not covered by insurance and will be your personal responsibility.