A septoplasty is a procedure during which the cartilage and bone between your nostrils is straightened. This dividing tissue is called a septum, and when the septum is crooked, it is referred to as a deviated septum.

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When Procedure is Used

Having a crooked or deviated septum is relatively common. Some people are born with them, and others have deviated septums because of injuries. However, a deviated septum can be bad enough that it makes it difficult to breathe.

During Surgery

You may either have general anesthesia during a septoplasty or may only have a local anesthesia that numbs your nasal tissues. This is something you will discuss with your doctor in order to determine the better option based on how complex your surgery will be. Your surgeon will then use a combination of procedures to trim and reposition the cartilage and bones in your nose. The placement and number of incisions you have will be something your surgeon determines based on what it will take to align the tissue. In some instances, you may also require permanent grafts or temporary splints to stabilize the cartilage and bone.


The risk of complications is very low, however, potential risks might include:

  • allergic reactions to medications
  • bleeding
  • decreased sense of smell
  • temporary numbness


  • improved ability to breathe
  • decrease in snoring
  • decrease in sinus infections
  • improvement in nasal congestion and pressure

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