Nasal Fracture (Broken Nose)

A nasal fracture or broken nose often happens during contact sports, falls, or car accidents. The fracture often occurs in the bone across the bridge of your nose, and the break can be painful and can cause swelling and bruising along your nose and under your eyes. You may also have trouble breathing, and your nose may actually be crooked as a result of the break.

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When Procedure is Used

A minor fracture very rarely requires surgical intervention, but a severely broken nose may require realignment or, in some cases, surgery. If surgery is required, it will need to be performed as soon as possible after the fracture has occurred. During Surgery You may either be given local anesthesia that numbs your nasal tissues or a general anesthesia that puts you to sleep. Your doctor will then realign the bones in your nose and may trim and reposition cartilage. In some instances, you may also require permanent grafts or temporary splints to stabilize the cartilage and bone while it heals.


The risk of complications is very low, however, potential risks might include:

  • allergic reactions to medications
  • decreased sense of smell
  • temporary numbness


  • improved ability to breathe
  • decreased likelihood of snoring
  • decreased likelihood of sinus problems and infections
  • decreased likelihood of nasal congestion and pressure

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