Laparoscopic Appendectomy (Lap Appy)

Appendectomies are performed to remove an inflamed appendix, which is called appendicitis. The procedure can be performed laparoscopically using multiple small incisions instead of one large one.

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What is a Laparoscope

A laparoscope is a small, thin instrument with a camera at the end that doctors can use to see inside of your body without making large incisions. With a laparoscopic appendectomy, your surgeon can see inside your abdomen while performing the procedure.

When Procedure is Used

The appendix can become inflamed and if left untreated can burst. Appendectomies are therefore usually performed under emergency conditions to avoid life-threatening complications from a burst appendix.

During Surgery

You will be given general anesthesia to make sure your body is relaxed and you are asleep during the procedure. Your abdomen will be filled with air to provide space for your surgeon to work and then multiple small incisions will be made for the laparoscope and instruments, and the appendix will be removed through one of the incisions. If the appendix has burst, the surgeon will also clean out the abdominal cavity to prevent the infection from spreading.


The risk of complications is very low. However, potential risks might include

  • allergic reactions to medications
  • nerve damage
  • bleeding or blood clots
  • infection
  • injury to surrounding tissues
  • numbness


  • prevention of further complications from appendicitis
  • elimination of pain and discomfort

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