Epicondylectomy (Ulnar Nerve Transposition, Transfer)

An ulnar nerve transposition is performed to alleviate pressure on a nerve in the elbow. This pressure can lead to ulnar nerve compression and cubital tunnel syndrome, which is somewhat similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. Because it occurs in the elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome can cause tingling and numbness down your arm and into your hand, which an ulnar nerve transposition can alleviate.

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When Procedure is Used

Ulnar nerve compression can be caused by something as simple as leaning on a desk or other hard surface for extended periods while working or talking on the phone. Repetitive bending of the elbow can cause ulnar nerve compression as well. If you have already tried other treatments including rest, ice, physical therapy, and splints or braces, you may find surgery to be an option.

During Surgery

You will either receive regional anesthesia and a mild sedative, or you may be given a general anesthesia to relax your muscles, prevent pain, and help you fall asleep during an ulnar nerve transposition. Your surgeon will then make a cut inside your elbow to locate the ulnar nerve and move it from behind your elbow to the front of it. The nerve’s new position will be either directly below the surface of your skin or within or under the muscle in your elbow.


The risk of complications is very low. However, potential risks might include

  • allergic reactions to medications
  • nerve damage
  • bleeding or blood clots
  • infection
  • injury to surrounding tissues
  • numbness


  • elimination of or decrease in pain, numbness, and tingling
  • increase in strength

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