Clavicle FX (Broken Collar Bone)

This surgery is performed to realign the collarbone as a result of severe fractures that won’t heal just by immobilizing the shoulder. The collarbone (or clavicle) connects your arm to your body, and it sits in front of and above your sternum, ribcage, and shoulder blade.

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When Procedure is Used

Repairing a broken collarbone surgically can be beneficial for patients when the break happens to their dominant arm and if there is a likelihood that the bone will not otherwise heal itself. For example, if the broken ends of the bone are not touching or if there are fragments of bone, surgical treatment is likely a better option because it increases the likelihood of the bone healing more quickly and predictably.

During Surgery

You will be given a general anesthetic to relax your muscles, prevent pain, and help you fall asleep. You may also be given a nerve block to provide additional pain relief following the procedure. After making an incision, your surgeon will move any broken pieces of bone back to the positions they should be in and will then use plates, pins, and/or screws to hold everything in place while it heals. If the hardware causes pain or discomfort after the surgery, it can be removed, but it can also be left in place permanently.


The risk of complications is very low. However, potential risks might include

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • reduction in range of motion
  • nerve damage
  • pain or irritation at the site from the hardware


  • decreased healing time
  • greater likelihood of “union,” or proper positioning and healing

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