Pain Services-Before Your Procedure Checklist

At both locations we provide a fully-staffed state-of-the-art pain services. With comfortable recovery and waiting areas, we have designed our centers with you in mind. Our friendly and highly trained physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses and support staff are here to provide you an excellent experience before, during and after your procedure.

Review instructions on when to stop eating/drinking along with any Medication guidelines.

Important information about your payment responsibility, contacting your insurance company, and how Yellowstone Surgery Center bills.

Also known as a Pain Contract. If you have a Pain Services Agreement, contact your pain provider to help you manage your pain following surgery. Per your contract in place, prescriptions may not be issued.

You must arrange for an adult to be with you. They are responsible for signing you out and transporting you home and stay with you for a minimum of 24 hours after your procedure.

Leave jewelry, money, weapons and other valuables at home.

Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

If you develop a cold, persistent cough, fever, rash, open wound, current infection, any other health-related problems, or if you need to cancel your procedure, please notify your physician’s office as soon as possible. For the safety of our patients and their families, please make sure any family or friends that accompany you are also in good health.

So that you are appropriately informed, especially regarding the Insurance information, please review the Medial Branch Block information included in your mailed brochure or on the Medial Branch Procedure Procedure Page.

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