Yellowstone Surgery Center

Advanced Directives

As a patient of Yellowstone Surgery Center, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

  Notice of Rights Regarding Advance Directives

An Advance Directive or Living Will specifies a patient's wish for how medical personnel can or will use all available resources to extend or prolong a life.

Advance Directive Detail

At Yellowstone Surgery Center only elective medical procedures designed to prolong and enhance life are performed. In accordance with YSC Policy and the Montana State Rights of the Terminally Ill Act, Yellowstone Surgery Center will always attempt to resuscitate a patient and transfer that patient to a hospital if complications arise.

If you have an Advance Directive, we encourage you to present our facility with a copy. This copy will be made a part of your medical file and made available to St. Vincent's Healthcare in the event of a transfer to the hospital.

At your request, Yellowstone Surgery Center will provide you with a description of the applicable Montana State Health and Safety Laws.