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Price Estimates

Yellowstone Surgery Center focuses on making your patient experience the best it can be.

  Obtaining a Price Estimate

   Please Note: Yellowstone Surgery Center lists several of our most common surgical and pain procedure along with pricing and are continually adding new ones. If your procedure is not listed you may use the following process to request a price estimation. Look up a Procedure Online

We know medical costs can be very confusing. Whether you have health insurance and are trying to understand out of pocket costs or if you pay directly for your care and do not have health insurance, Yellowstone Surgery Center can help you get the information you need.

To get a confidential price estimate for a medical service or procedure at Yellowstone Surgery Center, please contact us with the appropriate information from your Physician and Insurance Company. The more information you are able to provide, the more accurate your estimate will be.

Please Remember

The cost estimate of your service or procedure will be based on the information you provide us. Please keep in mind, this is only an estimate and many factors can affect the final cost such as variations in the procedure performed or the need to perform more, fewer procedures at the time of service. This amount will not include charges made by the physician who performed the procedure or the anesthesiologist.

Pre-authorization and/or pre-determination does not guarantee payment from your insurance company. If you have further questions, contact your insurance provider using the customer service phone number on the back of your provider card.

  Visitor Restrictions

18 years and older
Due to COVID-19, Yellowstone Surgery Center is currently allowing only one visitor per patient to stay in the building.

Younger than 18
A parent or legal guardian must stay in the building at all times. Yellowstone Surgery Center prefers one, however, we will allow for two.

If you have a mask, please wear it during your time at Yellowstone Surgery Center. If you do not have a mask, Yellowstone Surgery Center will provide one.

A COVID-19 test will be required prior to elective surgery and pain procedures. This will be arranged through your Surgeons office.