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Yellowstone Surgery Center partners with the region's most experienced experts in outpatient procedures.

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Pamela Templeton, MD

Pamela Templeton, MD completed her undergraduate degree at Iowa State University and earned her medical degree from the University of Iowa College of Medicine. She completed her residency at Indiana University in Indianapolis and then continued in solo practice for 25 years. Dr. Templeton joined Billings OB-GYN Associates in 2012.

Dr. Templeton and her husband Mark have two children, Ross and Chelsea, daughter-in-law Rebecca, and grandson Josiah. She is a horse enthusiast and enjoys tying flies, camping, and gardening.

  Visitor Restrictions

18 years and older
Currently Yellowstone Surgery Center is not allowing visitors to stay in the building. Our staff will call when it is time for visitors to pick up their loved one. Once discharged, visitors of the patient will not need to re-enter the building. Discharge instructions will be provided over the phone, and patients will be wheel chaired out to the vehicle for pick up.

Younger than 18
A parent or legal guardian must stay in the building at all times. Yellowstone Surgery Center prefers one, however, we will allow for two.

If you have a mask, please wear it during your time at Yellowstone Surgery Center. If you do not have a mask, Yellowstone Surgery Center will provide one.

A COVID-19 test will be required prior to elective surgery. This will be arranged through Surgeon’s offices four days in advance of the date of surgery.