What to Expect

At the Pain Management Clinic, we utilize the latest medical procedures and techniques to aid in the treatment and management of acute and chronic pain. For your safety, and to optimize your experience, please carefully read and follow the information below:

What to Expect

Most blocks and other pain treatments do not necessitate any restrictions in activity. Unless otherwise advised by your doctor or the pain management specialist, you may resume your previous activity level.

The effect of the block on pain control and the duration of relief will vary from person to person.

It may take 7-10 days for pain relief to take effect.

A member of our staff will attempt to contact you in the week after your surgery to see how you are feeling and to answer any questions you might have.

Additional Information

  • Please bring your insurance card(s) and a photo I.D. with you to your procedure.
  • Co-payments and/or deductible payments may be required. Credit card, check and cash payments are accepted.
  • To reduce financial worries during your recovery time, please contact your insurance company to verify your current benefits and if Yellowstone Surgery Center is considered In-Network.
  • For an estimated charge for your procedure, your obligations and payment options, or any other additional questions, contact Yellowstone Surgery Center to speak with a Patient Representative at (406) 237-5977 prior to your procedure.
  • You will receive two bills, one from the surgery center and one from the treating physician.

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